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Custom Trophies

We make unique custom trophies for every occasion! Their sculptures can be figures, portraits, animals, cartoon characters, special items... you name it! 

We work with an awesome local engraving shop, so each trophy is made by the hands of a whole team of artists. From our team to yours-- How perfect is that?!  Let's get the celebration started and order your custom made trophies today!

Depending on the project, the time to complete and deliver takes about 2-3 weeks, so let us know if you have a specific deadline.

How to Order:

1. Size and Material:

The most common trophy sculpture size we do is 6 inches tall on a 1-2 inch tall base. If you'd like something different, just describe in detail what you'd like and we'll make it happen!

- Size of Sculpture

- Size and shape of base

-Material of Sculpture

-Material of Base (typically black/white marble, wood, colored plastic, or a cold-cast metal)

2. Reference Photos: 

These will help us see exactly what you want. If need be, we can also make a Photoshop rendering of the trophy before beginning the sculpting process.


3. Number of Copies: 

The more you purchase at one time the cheaper each copy will be. Here is a list of pricing for a 6inch cold-cast metal trophy on a 1" (round or square) base with one engraved name plate:

First Trophy: $750 free shipping
2-3 Copies: $100 each
4-7 Copies: $75 each
8-10 Copies: $50 each

**Upon your request, we can keep the trophy's mold for a year or more if you'd like to place orders annually. Copies made after the purchase of the initial order start at $100 each with free shipping.

4. Engraving Details: 

Let us know if you'd like one engraving for all the trophies or different engravings for each trophy, which would increase the cost per trophy by $10. Other details to include:

- Verbiage

- Font Style

-Engraving Material (brass, silver, colored plastic, black letters, etched letters/no fill color..)

If you're not sure on any of these details, the engraving shop will know the perfect set up.

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