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This listing is for 6" trophy sculptures on a 1" tall base with one custom engraving.

(Contact us if you'd like a larger trophy or base, or different engravings for each trophy, which would increase the cost per trophy by $10.)


Details to include:

- Reference photos (send to

- Engraving Verbiage (Example: "Employee of the Month")

- Sculpture Material

- Shape of base

-Material of Base (typically marble, wood, colored plastic, or a cold-cast metal)

- Font Style (optional)

-Engraving Material (optional--brass, silver, black letters, etched letters/no fill color...)


**If you're not sure about some of these details, don't worry! We're always happy to help!  We will contact you to go over these details and send progress photos during the artistic process


First Trophy: $750 free shipping
2-3 Copies: $100 each
4-7 Copies: $75 each
8-10 Copies: $50 each

**Upon your request, we can keep the trophy's mold for a year or more if you'd like to place orders annually. Copies made after the purchase of the initial order start at $100 each with free shipping.


Custom 6" Trophies

PriceFrom $750.00
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