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Custom Figures


Left: 12" Figures, Cold-Cast Iron with black wax, on a Custom Sculpted Base with custom engraving, satin finish

Right: 12" Figure, 4-4.5" Greyhounds, Cold-Cast Bronze with warm gold patina and satin finish, on a Custom Acrylic Base painted Dark Walnut Brown with a gloss finish

The process to sculpt, send photos for approval, mold, cast, and finish usually takes about 10-12 weeks, but feel free to let us know if you need the piece sooner.

How to Order:

1. The main photo, and additional photos from all angles:

Choose the main photo that the masterpiece will be based on. Then, send photos from all angles of the figure(s) so we can accurately sculpt their likeness, which includes their portrait, body proportions, posture, clothing, hair style, etc. The more photos the better!

If you don't have a photo that captured the moment, just describe to us in as much detail as possible how you'd like the figure(s) to be posed and the emotions you'd like expressed. Other reference photos would be great too!

Please send these to

2. Size & Material:

Here is a sample list of materials. Let us know if you want a material that isn't listed, like cement or fiberglass!

The metals shown are all cold-cast metals, which is a mix of high quality resin and real metal powders. The finished piece can then be polished and have chemical patinas applied to the surface just like real metal castings!


If you want a traditional hot-cast metal, we can get a quote for you from a local foundry.

Size depends on where you'd like the masterpiece to live. If you take measurements of the space, we can help you decide on the size of the figure(s) and/or their base.

3. No Base, Base, Pedestal:

Most custom figures are attached to a custom base, which helps to frame the piece and keep it secure. Things to consider for bases: Style, Dimensions, Material, and Finish (gloss, satin, or matte)

4. Additional Details:

Sculpted signatures, sculpted scenery, custom engravings, custom paint jobs, aged patinas and waxes, etc.

5. Additional Copies:

This detail you can decide on later, but you can order as many copies as you'd like! You are the only person who can order copies, and we can ship them wherever you'd like and even include personal gift messages with them too! Although we can house the molds for up to 1 year after completion, it's best to order the copies sooner than later because the molds do deteriorate with time.

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