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Bill's BugHatches

" The BugHatch is a versatile replacement door for the Volkswagen Beetle, which fits year models 1958 thru 1971, and the entire installation takes only 30-45 minutes."

Bill Schnuckel was the son of German immigrants, born in Los Angeles, California in the 1930's... Bill was cool... He had slicked back hair, and made custom interiors and headliners for General Motors and McDonald Douglas Aircraft. He was extremely skilled with fiberglass and envisioned making a split window for his VW Beetle, just like his favorite 1940 Ford Coupe.  This pipe-dream became a roaring success as car magazines were quickly swamped with requests for Bill's Bug Hatches.

The magazine, Volkswagen Greats, described Bill as "the kind of guy who gets hooked on an idea and just has to find a way of making it happen." Bill's Bug Hatches made history, and totally rocked the surfing scene, as surfers used the hatchback feature to load their surf boards. 

But, like all good legends, the torch was passed to Bill's son, Bill, who is just like his dad: cool, creative, and makin' it happen.  In 2017, Bill contacted Just Us Monuments to take a look at the original molds his dad created for the Bug Hatches.  Some have tried to make their own version of Bill's Bug Hatches, but nothing comes close to the original design, which is why Bill and Just Us teamed up to recreate the perfect Bug Hatch from his dad's original molds.


We are revved-up and ready to make history again, are you?!

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