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Custom Art

This is where you can get all kinds of creative with us! Because we specialize in so many different materials and kinds of art, and you're working with not one but TWO artists, we can bring your wildest ideas to life!

These projects vary on the time it takes to complete them, so please let us know if there's a special date you'd like your custom art delivered to you by.

How to Order:



1. Your Creative Vision:

Tell us in as much detail as possible how you envision the masterpiece. The colors, the emotions, the textures, realistic or stylized, does it need to fit in with a specific home decor, do you want it to light up?.... Sending us reference photos to is helpful!

2. Size/Material(s):

We can do anything from tiny sculptures to giant masterpieces! Tell us  the dimensions you'd like the piece to be or the area it will need to fit into. 

Materials can be decided by some of the details given in #1, but feel free to ask for specific materials or custom paint jobs too!


"The Wave" is a great example for this. For the size, we built the wave around an existing sheet metal shark sculpture, which we took measurements of. We also took measurements around the shark and decided how high the wave needed to be for dramatic effect. 

For the materials, our clients wanted it to light up at night, but look realistic during the day, so together we chose a couple UV resistant pigments for the UV resistant water-clear plastic, and chose the mixture of sand and seashells for the beach scene. Because the piece needed to light up, we made a little hatch door in the back to access lighting, and because it's outdoors, we made the base out of reinforced fiberglass with holes for stakes to secure it to the ground.

"The Swan"- Size was determined by the life-cast, which the sculpture was built around. The material was a lightweight air-drying sculpting compound which helped to keep the cost of creating the piece down (no molding or casting material required). Once the sculpture was approved, we worked together with the client on the custom paint job, colors, and glitter effects.

3. Add-Ons:

Include details for custom engravings, custom bases, wall mounts, artists' autographs, on-site installation, gift messages, etc.


4. Additional Copies:

If you want additional copies, we'll include the price per copy in your custom quote as well. Knowing if the piece needs to be reproduced will also determine how we create it and number of molds.

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