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Relief Sculptures


"The Armor of God"

38"x24" plus frame and custom engraving on a brass plate with black Old English lettering:

"Put on the full armor of God, so that when evil comes you are able to stand your ground. Ephesians 6:13"

Custom designed high-relief made of fiberglass and impact resistant plastic, custom painted job with satin finish, paper backed frame.

What's a relief, you might ask?... It's a sculpture that projects slightly from the background, like a raised photograph. The images on coins, for instance, are little bas-reliefs you've carried around with you all this time! Reliefs are classified by the amount they protrude from the surface, like bas- which means low. "The Armor of God" relief above would be considered a high-relief because the knight and his sword stick out a couple inches! Many awards and memorials have reliefs of the people they're celebrating, and many unions, institutions, and other organizations have symbolic seals that are sculpted into reliefs and on display in their buildings or offices.


The process to sculpt, send photos for approval, mold, cast, and finish usually takes about 6-8 weeks depending on the size and amount of detail, but feel free to let us know if you need the piece sooner.

How to Order:

1. Subject Matter/Reference Photos: 

What would you like the relief of? A scene in history, your state or union's seal, business logo, animals, fantasy art, an honorary person, family member, or a special photograph brought to life in relief form?

Send reference photos to

If you just have a concept in mind, we could work with you to make a custom design!

2. Size and Material: 

Let us know the total size of the relief as well as the size of the sculpture. For instance, you might want a life-size portrait bas-relief of someone to the right but want to leave 6 inches to the left for a dedication.

Size should also include separate dimensions for the frame if you'd like one.

For material, let us know if it will be indoors or outdoors, and the material of the relief and frame. If you'd like a custom paint job, the material is usually a plain colored plastic and/or fiberglass.

If you'd like a traditional, hot-cast bronze casting, we can get a quote for you from a local foundry.

3. Display Options:

Would you like the piece to stand upright, like a desk frame, or hang on a wall? Or will it be inset into a wall or gravestone or other surface? Does it need a finished backing, or will that part be hidden?

4. Add-Ons:

Please let us know if you'd like us to include a sculpted or engraved dedication, plaque, or other engraving, and how you'd like it displayed on the piece. If made separate from the relief, please indicate what material you'd like it made of and any other details.

5. Additional Copies:

Additional copies can be made at a reduced price and can be any material you'd like as well. (For example, you might want three copies: one gold, one silver, and one bronze.) We keep the molds for up to 1 year, but they do deteriorate with time, so the sooner you order copies the better!

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