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Portrait Busts

The process to sculpt, send photos for approval, mold, cast and finish one portrait bust usually takes about 6-8 weeks, but let us know if you need them sooner! Copies take about a 2 days to 1 week depending on how many you order.

How to Order:

1. Who do you want a portrait of ? (We can do pet portraits too!)

Collect as many photos of them as possible; Photos from every angle.

Our ability to capture their likeness depends on the photos you send us.. so the more photos, the better!

We need: Front, Back, Sides, and Quarter Angles.  The sample below shows Natalie smiling with her head slightly tilted. This would be the expression and pose of her portrait.

Some other details for the bust we need are clothing, jewelry, and hairstyle, and if you like a specific style of bust.  Send photos of those as well.

Glasses are an additional cost and ship separately from the bust.

Email the photos to as well as the details of #2 - 4 (and #5, optional)


2. Pick a Size and Material:

Typical sizes are:

6 inch or 8 inch for display on a desk

10 or 12 for shelf or bookcase

14 or 20 for tabletop or gallery display


Here is a sample list of materials: cold-cast metals, cold-cast marble and limestone, pecan shell (wood effect), plaster, cement, and hot-cast pewter (only for 6" busts).

We also have chemical patinas and colored waxes to bring out the details of the bust or add an aged effect.

Let us know if you want a size or material that isn't listed!


**If you want a traditional hot-cast metal bust, we can get an estimate from a foundry near you.**


Roto-Casting is a technique used to create a hollow casting, which is filled with foam and a steel weight. They look great, feel great, and are budget friendly!


3. Base or No Base:

Most of our busts are No Base, just the stylized cut of the bust which is included in the price.

Bases and pedestals, which are an additional cost, can be ordered to your liking as well.


4. Add-Ons: 

Sculpted signatures (typically on the back of the bust, and could be ours or the person's the portrait is of) is an example of a free add-on.

Other add-ons that vary in price are custom engravings, custom sculpted glasses, and custom paint jobs.

5. Additional Copies:

You can decide on this later, but you can order as many copies as you'd like! You are the only person who can order copies of the bust, and we can ship them wherever you'd like. We can even include personal gift messages and colored tissue paper with them too!

We keep the mold for up to 1 year after completion. The molds do deteriorate with time, so it's best to order copies as soon as possible.

*If you've already ordered a completed bust within a year of today, you do not have to be on the wait list. We will fulfill your order for copies in about 1 week depending on how many copies you'd like.*

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