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Select the Size and Casting Material to place your order, then email us as many reference photos as possible, photos from every angle (front, sides, back, 3/4 view, etc) as well as photos of the chosen expression, clothing, and hairstyle.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion, or contact us about a rush order.

We will email you progress photos as soon as the portrait begins to come to life, and welcome any changes you wish to make. Each portrait is sculpted from clay, molded with silicone and cast in whatever material you choose. We then polish and seal the piece, send final photos, and ship to the specified address.

What is Roto-Casting? It's the process of rotating the mold as the casting  material is curing so that it forms a hollow shell.  Once the shell is thick enough, we fill the inside with high-density foam and a steel weight.

Roto-Cast Portrait Bust

PriceFrom $730.00
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