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Est. 2016

Professional Artists, Christian and Natalie Knox,

combine their expertise in a multitude of mediums through their company

Just Us Monuments, a custom art business. 

Their works are featured in Hollywood films and television, museums and archives, schools, private collections, and homes around the world.

Whether it be public art or private art, you've come to the right artistic duo!

Our Mission Statement:

"To make great custom art available to everyone for a fair price."

*Click on the images below for info on How to Order*

*Check out our Portfolio Page to see more of what we do*


Portrait Busts

Cast in a variety of materials, or taken to a traditional bronze foundry




One of the oldest forms of sculptural art in history.


Custom Trophies

Celebrate with something special



Custom Figures

The best way to capture a special moment in time. 



Custom Art

From home installations to personalized gifts.



Mold Making

We'll make the mold and the rest is up to you!




Public or Private art, maquettes & mock-ups



Props & Replicas

The sky's the limit!


Marlon Brando, Colonel Kurtz

Just Us Originals

Buy original art NOW!


A Quick Look at Our Skills:

-Sculpting: miniatures to monuments, in wax, WED, polymer, and air-dry epoxy clay, and foam

-Mold-Making: plaster, silicone, epoxy, and fiberglass molds

-Casting: in clear and colored resin, epoxy, cold-cast metals and marble, cement, plaster, fiberglass, pecanshell, silicone, latex, and foam

-Fiberglass Fabrication: including custom mannequins and large-scale sculptures

-Painting and Airbrushing

-Silicone Painting/Seaming/Repairing

-Color Matching

-Character Design and Concepts

-Mask Making

-Prop Making


-Basic Wood and Metal Working

-Basic Electronics: wiring, servos, and lighting



-Custom Quotes and Proposals

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